WEIGHT LOSS vs. FAT LOSS - This is what you are doing wrong.

Many people tend to get WEIGHT LOSS and FAT LOSS confused. Those who come to us asking how to lose weight, often refer to fat when they talk about “losing”. Losing weight is simple; on the other hand, losing fat is a little trickier...

Weight loss comes down to calories in versus calories out (you need to be consuming fewer calories than your body needs to maintain itself). Fat loss comes from eating the right foods and training correctly. (This does NOT mean you have to starve yourself or train for hours!). 

It’s important to control sugar intake when trying to lose body fat, frequent small meals and avoiding simple carbohydrates and junk food will help with that.

Tips for losing fat, not muscle:

Eat clean in a slight caloric deficit (don’t starve).

Eat frequent small meals (controls hunger and blood sugar).

Have a lean protein source at each meal (but don’t forget about your veggies and healthy fats)

Avoid simple carbs (except post-workout) and other junk food.

Strength train (Lift weights! Don’t be afraid to go heavy girls)

Do intense HIIT cardio, not long marathon cardio (excessive cardio burns muscle)

Remember, the more muscle on your frame, the faster your metabolism will be, and the more calories you will burn in a day without any extra effort. So losing WEIGHT (muscle & fat) is not ideal. Starving and excessive cardio will result in muscle loss.